Virtual Me™ is focused on helping small to mid-sized businesses take care of 

their employees virtual healthcare needs at an affordable price!

- Talk to doctors 24/7 by phone or video, nationwide.

- Unlimited doctor visits at $0 cost per visit, by phone or video)
- 24 hour nurse line
- Email a medical specialist services
- Discount Pharmacy Card   
- Immediate family members are eligible to participate at no additional cost

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Testimonial – Retention and Engagement Coordinator Shannon Nicholson
"I walked into the office about a week ago and one of the women asked me to take a look at her eye (pink and swollen). I told her to call Virtual Me. She called and within 30 minutes she met with a doctor, had a diagnosis (pink eye) and medications sent to our local pharmacy. If she did not have Virtual Me powered by Teladoc, she would have had to go to Urgent Care and waited at least an hour to be seen and paid a hefty copay to get the same diagnosis. It was so fast and easy! We will all be using Virtual Me any chance we get!!"
Shannon Nicholson
Retention and Engagement Coordinator